Huai Sheng Junior Smart School

AI Big Data Presentation Master Cup With AI leading the way, Huai Sheng goes Smart

I. Introduction

Huai Sheng Junior School has been promoting smart education for more than five years. In the beginning, we only planned to establish some feature classrooms; now our classrooms have all gone smart. All along, Huai Sheng had been staunchly adhered to its idea of “smart education in sync with the world trend” and invested numerous manpower and resources to enhance teachers’ professional development and students’ academic performance. We would like to express our gratitude to the Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association for its support and assistance that have truly benefited the faculty and all students. This year marks the 7th year of the “Global Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Summit and Cross-strait Education Competitiveness Forum” and Huai Sheng is extremely privileged to be part of the event to share our hard-earned fruits with people. We sincerely wish the 7th Global Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Summit and Cross-strait Education Competitiveness Forum a great success.

II. The history of smart classroom establishment in Huai Sheng: Resources take 3 years to be in place; classroom number: 3→ 11→ 25

  • 3 smart classrooms in 2013
  • 8 smart classrooms for the 7th grade in 2014
  • 14 smart classrooms for the 8th and 9th grades in 2015
  • Finished establishing smart classrooms for all grades in 2015. Each smart classroom is equipped with an e-whiteboard, image presenter, and controller of IRS (interactive response system).

III. The professional community of teachers engaging in smart and collective lesson preparation and workshops aiming at competence enhancement

(i). Implementation in school year 106

(ii). Implementation in school year 107

IV. Picture of students in smart classrooms:

(i). E-teaching

(ii). E-evaluation

(iii).E-learning diagnosis

(iv). E-remedial teaching

(v). Open class observation and lesson discussion

(vi). Socrates teaching plans

V. Conclusion

The development of digital and information technologies is happening at an unprecedented pace. Education innovations made possible by technologies and technology leadership are developing and altering ceaselessly. In the era of cloud technology, educators should meticulously utilize technology leadership and be the pioneer of education innovations. We should adhere to the education belief and core value that “every student deserves to be taught” and shape the education landscape for this new age. Huai Sheng Junior School will never stop sailing the ship named smart education.