2021 “Technology Leadership Excellence Award” &“Innovative Smarter Lecture Award”

To promote research of innovative pedagogy in Smarter Classroom and develop Smarter Lecture of team-based learning, Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association organizes the “Innovative Smarter Lecture Award” to honor teachers who contribute to the innovative teaching model of Smarter Classroom that is capable of duplication and diffusion. Thus, the award advocates realizing student-oriented smarter education by full integration of teaching, learning, and smarter classroom.

In addition, past development of Smarter School has shown that with a visionary leader and effective teaching technology strategies, schools can create effective learning environments, guide teachers in creating Smarter Lectures, allow students to realize self-learning, and develop a school’s unique features.Therefore, the Association also offers the “Excellence Award in Technology Leadership” to honor exemplary school principals in technology leadership and publicize their leadership achievements for enhancing educational competitiveness.