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To promote research of innovative pedagogy in Smarter Classroom and develop Smarter Lecture of team-based learning, Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association organizes the “Innovative Smarter Lecture Award” to encourage teachers to develop innovative teaching models of Smarter Classroom that can be spread and duplicated. Thus, through the full integration of teaching, learning, and smarter classroom, this award aims at practicing student-oriented smarter education.

  • Honor excellent educators and promote effective application of teaching technology.
  • Encourage teachers to develop innovative teaching models of Smarter Classroom that can be spread and duplicated.
  • Encourage teachers to develop innovative teaching models of Smarter Classroom that practice pedagogies like “Team-based learning”, “Data-driven Decision”, and “Synchronous Differentiation”

  • Application Submission & Submit Lessons: 10 May 2021 to 12 July 2021
  • Qualification Review: 13 July 2021 to end of August 2021
  • Award Winner Announcement: End of August
  • Global Smarter Teachers’ Night (Awards ceremony): November 2021

● Candidates and Subject Areas

Teachers at any level of public and private schools, including kindergartens, elementary schools, junior high, senior high, vocational schools, junior colleges, colleges, and universities are welcomed. The subject and grade level are of the candidate’s choice. Teaching materials are limited to current textbooks that are adopted, accepted, or recognized by the government.

● Categories ● Judges and Awards

The association invites scholars and experts in the field of smarter education to be the judges. Outstanding Smarter Lectures will be chosen according to the “Criteria for the Innovative Smarter Lecture Award.” (See page 5.) Each lesson will be observed, rated, and given feedback by AI system and 2-3 judges.

● Great Lesson Collections
● Apply for the Award and Submit the Lessons
  1. Log in to the official website:http://www.ttlitda.org/index2021_en.html
  2. Go to Sokrates Channel of GTERI:http://sokrates.teammodel.org/exhibition/tbavideo#/, and log in/register an account.
  3. Click the “bell”, and apply to “2021 10th Innovative Smarter Lecture Award.”
  4. Choose a lesson and click “add video”, and choose the right subject & educational stage, then click “submit the video”.
  5. If you want to change the video, just click the “trash can” icon, and add another video.
● Notices
  1. The entire process of the application include the following:
    • Complete the registration form.
    • Submit the complete lesson (including the Sokrates video, HiTeach e-Notes, teaching materials, and TPC plan).
  2. If the application form and the lesson have both been submitted, but are found incomplete or didn’t follow the formats or rules, we will inform the applicants to resubmit. If the applicant cannot make it to complete the application before the deadline, he/she will not be eligible for the award.
  3. Every uploaded lesson is required to get over 70 in both Sokrates AI indexes (Technical index & Pedagogical index).
  4. Once the applicant has uploaded the lesson and the materials (including the Sokrates video, HiTeach e-Notes, teaching materials, and the TPC lesson plan), it is regarded that the applicant agrees to share them to the public on the Sokrates platform and allow others to download and make use of them within limits.
● Rules for the Works
  1. Videos are recommended to be recorded in AI Lecture Observation Lounge.
    If you need assistance in recording the lesson examples, you are welcome to cooperate with the organizer to hold a Digital Lesson Observation event, and the organizer will provide technical support.
  2. The teaching materials and the TPC lesson plan must be uploaded altogether. The teaching materials can be any of the following formats: .HTE, .PPTX, .DOCX, .PDF, pictures, or videos. TPC plans can be DOCX, .PDF .
  3. All works may not involve any illegal content or copyright infringement. If any relevant incident happens, the owner of the works must hold accountability for all of it
  4. In order to enhance the teaching, other teaching aids, such as a poster, written words, physical pictures, or photos, can be used in the teaching. Please make sure the focus of the aids is also clear and avoid any kinds of noises in the recording environment.
  5. See more video examples on Sokrates Platform.http://sokrates.teammodel.org/exhibition/tbavideo#/myChannel/15
● Rules for the Video
  1. Once the works have been uploaded to the Sokrates platform and been accepted by the association, Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association holds the copyrights of the works, and had the right to revise or delete the works.
  2. The organizer reserves the right to modify and terminate the event at any time.
  3. Contact us: taiwantlitda@gmail.com

Criteria for the Innovative Smarter Lecture Award

Dimensions Grading Description of Indicators Score
Course design and classroom presentation C【Content Implementation】Rated by Judges Teaching Design The design concept is unique and advanced, highlighting the innovation and reconstruction of the teaching mode, clear teaching objectives, accurate analysis of teaching content, reasonable design of teaching strategies, complete content of teaching design, and standardized format. 100
Teaching Process Smart use of various resources to attract learners. Interactive feedback is accurate, fully apply learning materials to implement differentiated teaching, focus on personality development. 100
Teaching Effect The T and P can be fully utilized to make the classroom atmosphere active, students participate actively, learn efficiently, and the goal of teaching is high. 100
Technology Integration Give full play to the advantages of new technologies, technology can effectively support the organization and implementation of teaching, technology and teaching are deeply integrated. 100
Fusion Innovation The teaching model is concise, clear, and efficient. It can be applied to different classes, units, and disciplines, which is conducive to copying and spreading. 100
T【Technological Interaction】Rated by AI The collected data is analyzed and the technological interaction indicator is generated by the AI Sokrates to indicate how well and how frequently the technological tools are used, such as Scoreboard, Pick-out, Pop-Quiz, Buzz-in, Statistics, Timer, Push, Fast Deliver, … 100
P【Pedagogical Application】Rated by AI The collected data analyzed and the pedagogical application indicator is generated by the AI Sokrates to show to what extent various pedagogies are applied in the lesson, including student-based decisions, whole-class interactions, group learning, multi-assessment, and individual learning. 100
Other Criteria Basic information and structure of the lesson and teaching materials The basic information is all provided, including the subject, grade level, version of the teaching material, and the topic. The descriptions are clear, easy to understand, and easy to use.
Lesson video upload rules and quality Record the lesson with a recording device that the entire classroom can be clearly seen in the video. (“Screen recording only” is not accepted.) Avoid digital noises, echoes, vibrating noise of the microphone, saliva noises, and other background noises.
Lesson content quality No indecent vocabulary and picture, or any other inappropriate situation.
  1. 【Technological Interaction】&【Pedagogical Application】are rated by AI Sokrates System, 【Content Implementation】is rated by judges. There are 5 dimensions of Content Implementation, calculating average score without weighting, and the average score is the final score of Content Implementation.
  2. The calculation formula of the final score: 【Technological Interaction】*0.2+【Pedagogical Application】*0.2+【Content Implementation】*0.6
  3. 【There are no fixed points of 【Other Criterias】, but points may be deducted at the discretion of the review. If the situation violates the competition rules, the qualification will be disqualified.

In order to make each intelligent classroom perfect, the Association has an advisory group to provide advice on the content and format of the video production of the entries.

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