2021 Technology Leadership Excellence Award


In addition, past development of Smarter School has shown that with a visionary leader and effective teaching technology strategies, schools can create effective learning environments, guide teachers in creating Smarter Lectures, allow students to realize self-learning, and develop a school’s unique features.Therefore, the Association also offers the “Excellence Award in Technology Leadership” to honor exemplary school principals in technology leadership and publicize their leadership achievements for enhancing educational competitiveness.

  • Honor excellent educators and promote effective application of teaching technology
  • Honor exemplary educators in technology leadership and publicize technology leadership achievements.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of technology leadership as implemented by educators.

● Positions

Principals and vice principals of public and private elementary schools, junior high, senior high, vocational schools, junior colleges, colleges, and universities. Leaders of education administration.

● Qualification
  1. A technology leader who is exemplary of realizing the essence of technology leadership, of innovation and teamwork, and of notable contribution
  2. One who is exemplary of school management and technological integration planning and lead digital natives (students) and digital immigrant (teachers) in advancing with the times.
  3. One who leads a teaching team in actively developing innovative Smarter Classroom teaching models that are capable of duplication, which is of notable contribution and sets an example for all educators.
● Reward:
● Process:
  1. Ristration page for the event: August 16, 2021 Open registration page.
  2. Submit your works as a link (Before 13 September 2021), To taiwantlitda@gmail.com
    Subject: “2020 Technology Leadership Excellence Award_School_Name”
  3. The link contains the following:
    • Smarter School Operating and Development Report.
    • Campaign Videos
● Campaign video content and format:

In order to make each intelligent classroom perfect, the Association has an advisory group to provide advice on the content and format of the video production of the entries.

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