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The Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association (TTLITDA) would like to honor your contribution in the area of technology leadership and instructional technology, by cordially inviting you to attend the 2018 Global Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Summit. With joint efforts of educational organizations and affiliated associations around the globe, The TTLITDA has invited an array of highly-regarded scholars, experts, faculties, and principals to this year’s event to share their professional experience in comprehensive professional development at all levels in Smarter Education.

This year’s theme, Big Data and AI Technology in Education, aims to unite the voices of key educational influencers, on the cutting-edge topics of technological leadership and instructional technology, to further drive global competence in Smarter Education systems to prepare today’s students to be tomorrow’s innovators.

We look forward to seeing you on the 7th anniversary of the grand Smarter Educational event in Taipei, Taiwan.


  • Enhance practical and conceptual communication and develop instructional technology leadership for school principles
  • Promote practical application of instructional technology to improve teacher creativity in utilizing educational technology
  • Summarize results of Smarter Education development in China and Taiwan, share valuable experiences, promote technological

Featured Speakers

Senior Consultant of TTLITDA

Dr. Steven Liang

Dr. Steven Liang once taught at the Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei, and went on to obtained a Ph.D. in information engineering from the National Central University. Currently, he is working as a consultant for the Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association. Dr. Liang has conducted in-depth study on one-to-one digital teaching, team based learning (TBL), Internet learning, and integration of IT and educational teaching. He has filed and received multiple software/hardware patents and is the author of several books. In recent years Dr. Liang has invested himself in the development of smart classrooms and personally implemented TBL in elementary and junior high classes.

Founder of TEAM Model Smarter Education

Power Wu

Professor Wu is an expert in teaching technology and teaching system development, and the creator of the Habook Group. He is the creator of the TEAM Model Smarter Classroom brand and smart education support system, which has helped teachers in refine and realize the “smart link teaching method,” a modern and easy to implement education concept. This system has facilitated the innovative development and reform of smart education across the globe. The setup of large scale TEAM Model smart education demonstration schools and smart education demonstration districts are crucial for refining development and promoting education innovation. Professor Wu has spent over 20 years servicing elementary schools and education universities, and has extensive practical teaching and academic research experience. He has authored over 100 books on computer information, is enthusiastic about education work, and has helped teachers develop professionally and realize education ideals. As the third president and the honorary chairman of the Taiwan Technology Leadership and Instructional Technology Development Association, Professor Wu promoted the “Smarter Education Movement” and the “Rural Hope Project.” These public welfare programs can create endless education possibilities.

Director of TTLITDA

Dr. Chang I-Hua

Dr. Chang received a Ph.D. in educational leadership and policy analysis and a master's degree in Information Science and Learning Technology from UM-Columbia. Currently, he is a full-time professor in the Department of Education at National Chengchi University. His main fields of study are school technology leadership and management, smart education principles and implementation, smart classroom and innovative teaching, principal and data-oriented decision-making, and teacher academic optimism and its effects. Dr. Chang is the author of the book School Technology Leadership and Management, and over 100 of his theses and research papers have been published by domestic and international journals (including SSCI and TSSCI) and also presented at seminars. Dr. Chang is an active advocate of smart education. He is involved with smart teacher teaching skill enhancement workshops, TBL seminars, and the Smarter Classroom Innovation Award and the Technology Leadership Excellence Award. These activities all cultivate and inspire smart leadership and smart teachers across the globe. To raise teaching and learning performance, Dr. Chang is working to promote the spread of smart education and the Smarter Education Movement, and to help teachers integrating technology into their teaching.


November 15h, 2018 (Thursday)
Global TEAM Model Smarter Lecture Contest

November 16th, 2018 (Friday)
Sunworld Dynasty Hotel Taipei






Smarter School Overview


  • Global TEAM Model Smarter Lecture Contest
  • Teaching Demonstrations by 2018 Innovative Smarter Lecture Award Winners




  • Global TEAM Model Smarter Lecture Contest
  • Teaching Demonstrations by 2018 Innovative Smarter Lecture Award Winners


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Smarter Education World Café

Smarter School Summit


Plenary Session


Global Smarter Teachers’ Night

Global TEAM Model Smarter Lecture Contest

Review Contest videos
How It Works

It coincides with the 7th Global Technology Leadership and Teaching Technology Summit Forum of 2018. This invitational is hosted to provide an opportunity for teachers to display their innovative teaching models, or so called smarter models, and experiences through actual lectures in smarter classroom. With healthy competition and valuable comments from local and international experts, we hope smarter teachers would be inspired by teacher contestants and further refine their models to understand students and reach lecture objectives more efficiently and effectively.

The invitational is formed by an array of highly regarded smarter education experts from both primary and secondary schools worldwide. The team consists of one team leader, one advisor, and three smarter education experts. The taught subjects are Chinese, English, Mathematics.

The contest adopts the "TEAM Model Smarter Education System" is the designated teaching system in the contest. All contestants are required to use the " TEAM Model Based Smarter Learning model" as the main concept to design their teaching plans and learning objectives.

  • Provide a platform for teachers to share and learn from each other and bring out the best of them during the process.
  • Promote innovative smarter models and methods to all the teachers who are or want to be a smarter teacher.
  • Generate momentum and spread influence of AI technology and smarter education

Taipei Xinmin Private Elementary School

No.113 Sec. 1 Xin Hai Rd. Taipei 10647 PDF

Affiliated Experimental Elementary School of University of Taipei, ESUT

No.29, Gongyuan Rd., Zhongzheng District, Taipei City 10048, Taiwan (R.O.C.) PDF

Huai Sheng Junior High School

No.30, Ln. 248, Sec. 3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City 106, Taiwan (R.O.C.) PDF

TSZ-SHIOU Senior High School

No.251, Xidong Rd., Sanxia Dist., New Taipei City 23743, Taiwan (R.O.C.) PDF

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Address:No.100, Dunhua N. Rd., Songshan Dist., Taipei City 105, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
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Registration fee:

Due to the past successful summits, there tend to be numerous applications from world-wide educational leaders, but due to limited seating availability and the overwhelming responses from educational leaders for past events, a registration fee of USD $50 is required.

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